Our Mission

CITY ON A HILL graduates responsible, resourceful, and respectful democratic citizens prepared for college and to advance community, culture, and commerce, and to compete in the 21st century. We do so by emphasizing:

  • Academic Achievement

    Academic achievement means that we strive to maintain high academic standards and ensure results. It means we acknowledge our students' competition and seek to find additional resources to prepare our students to compete.

  • Citizenship

    Citizenship means we strive to maintain standards of civility, promote our students' civic engagement and participation, and link our school to the best of Boston.

  • Teacher Leadership

    Teacher leadership means teachers take responsibility for the performance of students and of our school. It means teachers drive decision-making in doing, building, and growing CITY ON A HILL. It means teachers are reflective practitioners and managers. It means that teachers contribute to urban public school reform in our city, state and nation.

  • Public Accountability

    Public accountability means that CITY ON A HILL expects to show the tax-payer results and to invite the public in to ensure that we are delivering on our promise to educate our students, and engages parents and guardians as key school stakeholders.