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City on a Hill - Teaching Fellows Program

Program Overview

The City on a Hill (COAH) Teaching Fellows Program (TFP) is designed to nurture and grow the next generation of COAH teachers with an explicit focus on recruiting educators that reflect the diversity of COAH’s student body. The Teaching Fellows Program is a one-year program (beginning in mid August) intended to train individuals interested in a career teaching in urban public charter schools. 

We are looking for Teaching Fellows in English, History, Science, Math, Special Education, and Spanish. Applications for the 2023-2024 will be posted soon.

Why City on a Hill?

City on a Hill Charter Public School believes that all students can and must achieve at high levels. We empower students to do so by cultivating a connected, supportive community of scholars, families and staff who are committed to growing and making decisions that reflect anti-racist values.

City on a Hill strives to provide a nurturing environment for aspiring teachers to become effective urban educators. Teaching Fellows experience an urban public high school setting where the mission is alive, where students are academically successful, where teachers have time to work together, and where there is a strong culture of celebration.




The Teaching Fellows Program is proud to be a City Year Career Partner. This partnership reflects the visions of both organizations and their belief that young people can keep students on track to graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education. The City Year experience is a strong indicator of future success as a Fellow; AmeriCorps members and alumni interested in continuing their commitment to education and student achievement are encouraged to apply.


Responsibilities and Support
Responsibilities of Fellows

Teaching Fellows are full-time, integral members of the City on a Hill community. They are expected to uphold the standards and carry out the rules and regulations of City on a Hill as any employee of the school. Teaching Fellows have a full schedule, including academic and non-academic responsibilities (lunch duty, substituting classes, lesson planning, chaperoning field trips, etc.). Fellows learn by working with an experienced mentor teacher, slowly ramping up to taking over full responsibility of two of his/her classes. “Rigor with support” is one of the central mantras of the Teaching Fellows Program.


Unparalleled Support

Teaching Fellow cohorts are intentionally kept small in order to ensure the maximum amount of support from the City on a Hill community.


Teaching Fellows will be supported through:


  • The presence and leadership of an experienced mentor teacher in every class.
  • The peer support of a small, tight-knit Teaching Fellow cohort.
  • Weekly check-ins with the Director of Teacher Development and your mentor teacher.
  • A 3-week professional development “boot camp” prior to the start of the year for those without teaching experience.
  • Weekly professional development in classroom management, instructional delivery, culturally responsive teaching, and data driven instruction.