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City on a Hill - Urban Teaching Fellowship (UTF)

Program Overview

The City on a Hill Urban Teaching Fellowship is an on-site licensure program focused on training effective urban educators. The fellowship is a one-year program (beginning in late August) intended to train and certify individuals interested in a career teaching in urban public high schools.
Fellows are trained and mentored by veteran City on a Hill teachers while taking graduate courses at Boston University towards a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree. They receive a stipend and significantly reduced tuition in exchange for teaching in an urban public school for two years upon completion of the program.
We are looking for Fellows in English, History, Science, Math and Spanish. Applications for the 2022-2023 Fellows Program are coming soon! 
Boston University Partnership
City on a Hill has established a partnership with its neighbor, Boston University, that allows Teaching Fellows to receive a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree by attending evening and summer courses during their Fellowship year and their first year of teaching. These courses are offered to Fellows at one third of the typical cost, thanks to BU's generous CoaH Scholarship.
City Year Career Partnership 
The Urban Teaching Fellowship is proud to be a City Year Career Partner. This partnership reflects the visions of both organizations and their belief that young people can keep students on track to graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education. The City Year experience is a strong indicator of future success as an Urban Teaching Fellow; AmeriCorps members and alumni interested in continuing their commitment to education and student achievement are encouraged to apply.
UTF Mission and Vision
The Department of Certification at COAH graduates qualified, resourceful and skilled teachers committed to improving and advancing urban public high schools. 
New teachers learn best by working closely with experienced teacher-mentors in a collegial community of learners and leaders. To improve student performance, the entire learning community must be committed to raising teacher performance. Mentoring of aspiring teachers fosters a collegiality and professional growth among all members of the City on a Hill community.
The Department of Certification at COAH will prepare its Teaching Fellows to:
  • Meet the unique demands of teaching in an urban public high school
  • Build relationships with students and families of diverse ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Uphold high standards of academic achievement
  • Be pro-child
  • Instill intrinsic motivation within their students
  • Uphold high standards of democratic citizenship, public accountability, and student comportment
  • Demonstrate characteristics of teacher-leaders
  • Disseminate best practices
Why City on a Hill?
City on a Hill strives to provide a nurturing environment for aspiring teachers to become licensed and effective urban educators. Fellows experience an urban public high school setting where the mission is alive, where students are academically successful, where teachers have time to work together, and where there is a strong culture of celebration.
UTF Responsibilities and Support
"Rigor with support" is one of the central mantras of the Urban Teaching Fellowship. Fellows learn by working with an experienced mentor teacher, slowly ramping up to taking over full responsibility of two classes. Fellows have many responsibilities; however, in order for them to be successful, it is also important they they receive a lot of guidance and support.
Responsibilities of Teaching Fellows
Fellows are expected to uphold the standards and carry out the rules and regulations of COAH as any full-time employee of the school. In this role, there is a balance of academic and non-academic responsibilities (lunch duty, substituting classes, lesson planning, chaperoning field trips, etc.)
Teaching Fellows are responsible for:
  • Passing the Communication & Literacy and their subject-area MTEL exams
  • Participating in Freshmen Academy and faculty orientation week
  • Observing their mentor teacher, other teachers, and each other
  • Participating in all department, planning, and three-way meetings
  • Leading increasingly longer sections of class in the fall
  • Taking full responsibility of two classes in the spring
  • Taking the lead on planning at least one unit in the spring
  • Working with Learning Network liaisons to accommodate and modify curriculum and assessments
  • Demonstrating competence on DESE’s Candidate Assessment of Performance
  • Performing an oral defense of their Teaching Portfolio
  • Assuming full responsibility of their department’s summer school sections
Support of Teaching Fellows
Fellowship cohorts are always small in order to ensure that Teaching Fellows receive the maximum amount of support from each other and from other members of the COAH community.
Teaching Fellows will be supported through:
  • The peer support of a small, tight-knit cohort
  • Weekly check-ins with the Director of Teacher Development and Compliance
  • Daily interactions with their experienced mentor teacher
  • Being an integral member of the collegial, teacher-centered community at City on a Hill Charter Public High School
Application and Resume 
1 - Applications are on a rolling basis, with applicants given priority as soon as they submit their application and resume.
Phone Interview
2 - Select candidates will interview in person, lead a demonstration lesson with students, and observe and meet COAH teachers.
Reference Check
3 - Finalists for the Fellowship will be asked to provide professional references. 
Questions? Contact the Urban Fellows Program Director, Michael McGean.