Update to CoaH New Bedford Families – September 25, 2019

Dear CoaH NB Families:

As many of you may have heard, a number of schools in our New Bedford community have received shooting threats this morning, September 25, 2019. We are monitoring the situation and have not received any threats directed toward our school. The NB Public schools have posted this message on their Facebook page.

At CoaH NB, we are continuing to operate as usual. We are a public school in New Bedford, but we operate independently of New Bedford Public Schools. Please note: Should we receive any threats, we will take immediate action to protect our students and staff. We have also been in immediate contact with the New Bedford police department and will continue to be so the police can determine the appropriate next steps in our particular circumstances to ensure the safety of our entire school community.
The safety of the students and staff in our school is our number one concern. We will not hesitate to act in the event of any threat to our community. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to (508) 985-6400.

Thank you,

Amanda Kolby


Kevin T. Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

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