Update to CoaH Boston Families – November 25, 2019

Dear CoaH Circuit Street and Dudley Square Families:

This morning, our Board of Trustees voted to make some necessary changes to the structure of our Boston programs.

As a school community, we’ve been discussing the benefits of co-location in Boston for some time. While doing so permanently will require approval by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), our Board has made the decision to accelerate this co-location plan, to help lay the groundwork for a future consolidation of the schools, as well as to maintain the financial viability of our schools in the short-term.

As of January 1st, 2020, we intend to co-locate our Boston schools by grade level, with 9th and 10th graders taking classes at Circuit Street and 11th and 12th graders taking classes at Dudley Square. We recognize that this may represent a shift in school location for your child, and we are committed to working with each of our students to ensure a smooth transition. We will be providing more details in the coming weeks. 

While we had hoped to move toward a consolidated model for our Boston schools in the future, declining enrollment means that we need to find ways to decrease expenses this academic year, while continuing to improve our academic program. Our proposed plan to accelerate co-location will help us be more efficient, which in turn will help us preserve more critical teaching and support roles in each of our school buildings. That said, I want to transparently share that we will need to make some difficult cuts over the coming weeks, including staff layoffs. 

Our priority is first and foremost academic outcomes for our students and also preserving as many teaching positions as possible. CoaH’s administration has been in ongoing negotiations with the Boston Teachers Union (BTU), which represents CoaH teachers, and remains committed to reaching an agreement on an initial contract. We will continue to work with the BTU as partners to figure out the details of co-location and required future staffing levels going forward. We believe that the plan we are putting in place will enable us to better partner with our students, teachers and families, leading to stronger academic results for our students.

Our unwavering commitment is to deliver on the promise that we made to you when you decided to send your child/children to CoaH, which is to provide a high-quality public school education to each CoaH student so that they can succeed in career and life. I believe that the aforementioned changes will help strengthen our program in the long run and will enable us to continue to serve scholars in the city of Boston. 

I am always available to speak. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. Thank you, as always, for continuing to entrust us with your children.


Kevin T. Taylor

Chief Executive Officer


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