School Year 2020-21 City on a Hill Remote Learning Supplies List

Dear CoaH Community,

This week our teachers kicked off their Faculty Orientation to prepare to welcome students back to the 2020-2021 school year (you can read more about our reopening in our August 17 letter here).
As part of our preparation, City on a Hill has complied a supplies list with the concerns of hybrid and remote learning in mind.

9th – 12th Grade Supplies List


  •  A good set of headphones with inline microphone and AUX jack connector
  • (6) One subject notebook or binder for every Course: Yes, you can still color coordinate for each subject. Even though you are learning online, you will need to be taking notes throughout each class. Stay organized by separating notes for each course you are taking so you can easily find the notes that you need for your upcoming tests.
  • A Planner to write down all homework assignments, papers and projects. The planner MUST have a calendar.
  • Pens and pencils
  • TI-83, 83Plus, 84, 84Plus Graphing Calculator (Physics and Pre-Calc Students)
  • Scientific calculators (Chemistry, Tech & Engineering, and Geometry Students)
  • Graph Paper
  • Highlighters
  • Post-It Notes
  • Index Cards (3×5)
  • Protractor (Geometry students ONLY)
  • Rulers 
  • White-lined paper
  • Scissors 


A Dedicated Work Space: Fight the temptation to complete your school work on your bed or living room couch, if possible. Your bed or couch is the place that you relax. If you complete your work there, your brain will go to relax mode! You need to be alert, focused, and free of distractions! Set up a desk or table and chair (comfortable, but not too comfortable) and set up your computer and notebooks. Let your family know that this is your area for school.

Printer: While a printer is not required, it can be helpful to print out some materials. Try not to print everything, as it is not often a good use of your time or money (and ink is expensive!).

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