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General Inquiry Form

Answers to many questions relating to student life or enrollment can be found on our our Frequently Asked Questions, but if your question is not addressed there, there may be a staff member who you can email directly, including:

For questions about Human Capital, please email hr@cityonahill.org.

For questions about Finance, please email accountspayable@cityonahill.org.

For questions about Development, please email at development@cityonahill.org

For questions about Student Records or Enrollment, please email mfigueroa@cityonahill.org.

For questions about Alumni Records, please email ledmond@cityonahill.org.

For questions about Our Response to COVID-19, please view our FAQ or email covid19@cityonahill.org.

For information about Public Records stored by City on a Hill, please click here.

If your question is not addressed by our FAQ and does not pertain to any of the above departments, please complete the form below and a staff member will connect you with the best person to get you an answer.

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