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Important Documents

Student Handbook

School Year Calendar

City on a Hill Academic Action Plan

View City on a Hill Charter Public School's Academic Action Plan created as part of the probationary conditions of our most recent charter renewal.
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NCLB Report Card

View student enrollment and teacher qualifications, student achievement, accountability, and the progress our school is making toward narrowing proficiency gaps for different groups of students:

City on a Hill’s Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan

City on a Hill does not tolerate any form of bullying, cyber bulling, or retaliation. Please view the CoaH Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan.

City on a Hill’s Gender Identity Policy

The Gender Identity Policy is intended to help City on a Hill schools take steps to create a culture in which transgender and gender nonconforming students feel safe, supported, and fully included, and to meet each schools’ obligation to provide equal educational opportunities for all students, in compliance with G.L. c. 76, §5 and other state regulations. This policy sets out general principles based on the law and addresses common issues regarding transgender and gender nonconforming students.

Incident Report Form

If you are made aware of any threatening behavior or bullying incidents in school, on school grounds, or during school related activities, please report it and either:


Please note: You do not need to leave your name or contact information for your report to be investigated.

ESSR II & ESSR III Workbooks
City on a Hill Charter Public School has been awarded ESSR II and ESSR III grants. Please click the link below to view the grant workbooks.

Annual Reports for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)

Home and Hospital Instruction

The Home and Hospital Instruction Program ensures the continuity of education for students who will be out of school for more than 14 days in a school year at home or in a hospital per a qualified physician’s statement. Home and Hospital Instruction services are provided to qualified City on a Hill students.

The program provides appropriate instruction with the opportunity for students to maintain uninterrupted equal access to school curriculum. Home and Hospital Instruction collaborates with schools, parents, agencies and hospitals to ensure alignment of educational goals and curriculum, and to ensure proper referrals to services based on students’ needs.

Student Athlete Information and Forms

The City on a Hill Athletic Program is available to all students in grades 9-12. The Massachusetts Charter School Athletic Organization (MCSAO) sets up rules and regulations that govern this program and our teams participate in the Central Division. We offer a variety of sports that may change from year to year.

Before joining a team, students must complete the following forms, exams, and trainings and return them to the school’s Athletic Director:

  • Student Athlete Agreement to Participate (PDF below)
  • Pre-Participation Head Injury/Concussion Reporting Form (English) (PDF below)
  • Pre-Participation Head Injury/Concussion Reporting Form (Español) (PDF below)
  • Completed Physical Exam (provided by medical professional)
  • Heads Up Concussion Training

Additionally, all students must fulfill the following eligibility requirements to participate in the Athletic Program:

  • To be eligible to participate in athletics students must have earned: passing grades in at all of their classes except for one, where they are allowed an NYP as long as it is over a 60.   Grades will be checked biquarterly at report card and progress report times.
  • All students transferring from one school to another must meet all state requirements.
  • All students shall abide by the rules and regulations set forth by their coaches and athletic department.
  • All students shall refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco products, and drugs.
  • All students shall be responsible for all equipment issued regardless of the circumstance of its loss or theft.
  • Students absent from school on the day of a game, scrimmage, or practice; or on the Friday preceding a Saturday game, will not be permitted to participate in the activity. Students must be present in school from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm to be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activity offered by the school that day. This includes athletic events, social and academic activities and any other extracurricular activity. Only the administration can excuse an absence.

Any student deemed ineligible at the start of a season will remain ineligible for the duration of the season.

Head Concussion in High School Sports

If your student athlete suffers a traumatic brain injury the link below details the expectations for parents, student-athletes and school staff.

The following are forms that need to be completed by parents and/or medical professionals if your student athlete has sustained a traumatic brain injury:

COAH School Wellness Policy