Welcome to Our New Website!

Dear CoaH Community,

City on a Hill Charter Public School's mission has always been one that prioritizes Public Accountability. Traditionally, we have addressed this pillar of our work through engaging with our community on decision making, opening our school to community members for Community Juries and public meetings of our Board of Trustees, and continuing to hone our communications to be informative and consistent.

It's now easier than ever to stay in the loop with City on a Hill through our new website! We'd list the reasons why here, but we think it speaks for itself. Click around to learn more about our school!

Additionally, City on a Hill has now an app! After downloading this app, you can receive push notifications about everything from our Annual Gala to school closures to our letters to families. A guide for installing and setting up the app can be found here.

We look forward to keeping in touch!


The Development Team
City on a Hill Charter Public School