Letter to Families - September 29, 2021

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Dear City on a Hill Families,

As we close out the first month of school, we want to reach out to you with some updates and some important information.  

First Quarter Progress Reports

Grades are in!  Progress Reports are an indicators of how much progress your student is making in their classes half way through the quarter.  Please take the time to look at them carefully with your student, celebrate their successes, and make plans for improvement where necessary.  

Family & Community Council is starting!

Our Family & Community Council is up and running again!  Come to our first meeting on Wednesday, October 16th at 6:00pm via zoom.  The link will be sent out prior to the meeting. There, you can meet our new Director of Climate & Culture, Eric Washington.  You can meet other parents & guardians of City on a Hill Students and discuss important topics such as MCAS, COVID-19 protocols and testing for the winter among many other exciting topics!

Food and water reminders/information.

Every student should bring their own water bottle.  We are trying to minimize the number of students in the hallway at any one time.  To help with this, students should bring a water bottle so they do not need frequent trips to the water fountain. 

At lunch, students should be seated the entire time unless they are requesting to use the bathroom or their table has been dismissed to get food.  

Topics of Concern

Devious Licks - TikTok Challenge

There is a TikTok Challenge we’ve learned about called Devious Licks.  In that challenge, high school students either take or break items belonging to schools or staff members of a school.  Please talk to your student about this challenge, and the importance of respecting school property and ensuring that everyone has a clean, well-kept, safe building to go to school in.

Teen Vaping

The City of Boston (and State of Massachusetts) has seen a large increase in the number of students vaping.  Vaping is illegal for children under the age of 18 and, although advertising suggests otherwise, can still be damaging to a child’s lungs.  In addition to being illegal and damaging to a child’s health, vaping is not allowed on or near school grounds.  The laws around vaping are the same as the laws for smoking cigarettes.  Please speak to your student to ensure that they know the laws about vaping, as well as the health risks associated with vaping.  



Laura Edouard, Principal and Sonya Pratt, Executive Director