Letter to Families - November 8, 2021

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Dear City on a Hill Families,

I hope this letter finds you and your family well!  As Quarter 1 comes to an end and Quarter begins, I find myself incredibly grateful and hopeful.  I am grateful for all the work that you, your students, and your families have put into making for a smooth reopening.  I am hopeful seeing Quarter 1 grades and how much improvement there is over last year.  Students have made great strides, but there is still a long way to go!



Some of our Seniors have begun applying to colleges. The junior class took the ACT for the first time, and our 9th and 10th graders have taken the first round of the NWEA MAP test.  Everyone has taken their Quarter 1 Interim Assessment - the first big test to show whether students have mastered the content and skill taught in the first quarter.  We encourage you to log into the Parent Portal to see your students’ grades as they progress through the next quarter.


At City on a Hill, two of our core values are Citizenship and Perseverance.  Students can earn CoaH Cash for modelling citizenship by supporting their peers or taking responsibility for the school community.  They can earn it by taking initiative, proposing change, and leading by example.  Finally, they can earn CoaH Cash by modelling perseverance; sticking with a problem or working through a difficult situation.  With their CoaH Cash, they can buy items at the CoaH Cash store, or enter one of our three quarterly raffles.



I am so excited to be bringing back this incredibly important tradition at City on a Hill.  Beginning on November 19th, we will hold two Town Meeting Assemblies each Friday, with half the students attending at a time.  November 19th will be our Quarterly Awards Ceremony, and Friday, December 5th will be our first Town Meeting Debate led by the Ray Charles Advisory.  In a Town Meeting debate, students debate a topic chosen by their peers, and get a chance to practice their public speaking and debating skills, exercising this important part of the Citizenship process.


November 11 & 12 and 24, 25, & 26 - NO SCHOOL  

December 10 - 2nd Quarter Progress Reports mailed

December 22-January 5 - NO SCHOOL

January 13-21 - Midterms Proficiencies Week

January26 - Quarter 2 Ends



I will leave you with two important requests and reminders.  Please make sure your contact information (Phone number and email address are updated with the school.  You can give this information to the Front Office Manager or your students’ advisor).  Please also make sure that you have an emergency plan in place in the event that you child needs to be picked up from school.  One of the lasting COVID guidelines for the school is that each family has a plan to pick their student up within 30 minutes of being called if necessary.  Thank you all so much for all that you do and have done to make reopening City on a Hill a success!  We look forward to continue our great work together.



Laura Edouard, Principal Sonya Pratt, Executive Director