Letter to Families - January 4, 2022

Dear City on a Hill Families,

We want to welcome everyone back from break!  We hope everyone got some much deserved rest and is ready to get back into the important task of education!

Important Midterm Schedule Changes

In order to give students and staff more time to re-acclimate to school before such important exams, we’ve decided to push back the start of our midterms to Tuesday, January 18th.  This means that the new calendar goes from January 18th - January 25th.  

The rest remains the same, which is that there will be a two-hour written exam each morning from 8:00am – 10:00am.  At 10:00am, students are dismissed for the day unless they have an Oral Presentation later that day.  Oral Presentations are scheduled on an individual basis and do not happen in each class.  Each student will receive his or her new individual schedule next week.  Please be sure to double check their schedule and (if they leave school) help them to arrive back at least 20 minute before their scheduled Oral Presentation time.

Important COVID-19 Updates

Due to a spike in covid cases across the state and to ensure everyone’s safety, City on a Hill has decided to perform covid safety checks (pool testing) on the day students return from break, Thursday 1/6/2022.

 I urge you to sign your child up for pool testing if you have not done so already. It is our best measureand defense to identify positive cases early, so we can act swiftly and keep our community safe.       https://www.cic-health.com/consent/ma?district=null#consent

I also want to stress that you and your child should be performing daily symptoms checks before coming to school. We have provided a checklist for you.  If your child is not feeling well or is showing symptoms, please keep them home and notify the school. If your child arrives at school with symptoms I will have to send them home. 

Please make sure you have updated our front office manager with all phone numbers and emergency contacts. If your child tests positive while at school and we cannot reach you or any emergency contacts, we will be forced to send your child home to prevent further infection to our community. 

In addition, is it extremely important that you notify the school if anyone in your household has tested positive for COVID-19. Even if your child tests negative and is asymptomatic, they cannot attend school if someone in the household has tested positive. All individuals have to follow quarantine guidelines, and also provide a negative PCR result before returning to school. 

Lastly, I would like to emphasize the importance of masks! Surgical masks are the only masks accepted. We have masks readily available at school if you need them. There have been a lot of efforts made to make sure students are wearing their masks properly while in school, and we would like your help and support in this. Students' noses and mouths should be covered at all times while in school, except for lunch. Bandanas and cloth masks are not permitted. 

Thank you so much!



Laura Edouard, Principal

Sonya Pratt, Executive Director

Felicia Romain, School Nurse