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Diversity & Inclusion Commitment

City on a Hill Charter Public School is committed to operating as an anti-racist, multicultural organization. We believe that equity, inclusion, and diversity are imperative to creating a safe, united community of scholars.

As a school, we use “DICE,” Diversity, Inclusion, Citizenship & Equity, as the core principles of our work.


 We strive to cultivate a school community where our students feel that their identities are celebrated and reflected in the staff that work to empower them.

We live out our principle of Diversity by:

  • Providing DICE professional development to our staff at least four times per year and providing opportunities for individual learning;
  • Participating in programs like Lynch Leadership Academy and the UNCF-Walton Family K-12 Education Fellowship to build pipelines of strong, diverse leaders;
  • Creating hiring committees for our open roles which include interviewers of various backgrounds and experiences, and discuss how bias appears in hiring.


 Our students, families, and staff are partners in decision making, and are all crucial to becoming an anti-racist, multicultural organization.

We live out our principle of Inclusion by:

  • Crafting explicit policies and guidances, like our Gender Identity Policy, for our staff on how City on a Hill can support students of various experiences;
  • Maintaining Student Councils, Parent Councils, and Academic Committees at all three of our schools.


 Our students and staff exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the United States and the world by emphasizing their responsibility to question, to act, and to avoid complacency in the face of oppression.

We live out our principle of Citizenship by:

  • Holding weekly Town Meetings at all of our schools to debate;
  • Sending our Junior class to Washington, D.C. to observe the Democratic process and visit colleges and universities.


 We confront the brutal facts of how our schools contribute to and uphold systems of oppression and work to remove barriers to success for our students.

We live out our principle of Equity by:

  • Launching the City on a Hill Equity Task Force (ETF) comprised of City on a Hill teachers, students, and support staff to act as an advisory board on the topic of equity;
  • Using the RAPID Framework as a means of ensuring all staff have the opportunity to submit recommended changes to improve our schools.